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Aladdin makes a wide variety of versatile and innovative fixtures. From the portable Eye-Lite and A-Lite, to the flexible BI-FLEX family, or the compact BI-FOLD family, Aladdin always delivers the most innovative and exciting technologies for bright, portable, high quality solutions. There are a variety of product sheets available for download from our links below.

With so many choices, we invite you to explore the many options and accessories available directly from Aladdin’s web portal. Please click the link below to open an additional window to further explore Aladdin’s offerings.

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  • Output:
  • Color Tempature:
  • CRI:
  • Dimming:
  • Control:
  • Power:
  • Operating Voltage:
  • Current (AC):
  • Power Factor:
  • Frequency:
  • Operating Range:
  • Exterior Surface Temp:
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Accessories: