Aladdin LED Fixtures

Zylight is proud to be aladdin-logo1-300x114the exclusive distributor for Aladdin professional LED lighting instruments and accessories throughout North, Central, and South America.

Like Zylight, Aladdin offers a dynamic and distinctive product line that delivers excellent light quality. Its Bi-Flex family of LED panels is literally flexible – you can bend the thin panels to fit in a variety of spaces, or you can mount them in rigid frames for more traditional setups.

Bi-Flex 200

Aladdin BI-FLEX 2

Aladdin also offers ultra-portable dimming lights with internal batteries for hours of runtime. And Aladdin offers all the accessories you need so your lights will shine on the set or clipped to your iPhone.

With Zylight and Aladdin, lighting professionals now have innovative and durable LED lighting fixtures to handle any shoot. For technical specifications and more information about all Aladdin products, please visit the Aladdin website.

Aladdin products are available through all U.S., Canadian, Mexican, and Central and South American dealers. Click to find your dealer.