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Built on the award-winning F8 platform, the F8-200 LED Fresnel is the new standard of portable LED lighting. It continues the Zylight tradition of combining high quality optics, innovative design, rugged broadcast-quality construction, and high color accuracy, with twice the light output. Available in both 3200K or 5600K color temperature versions, the F8-200’s advanced ultra-bright LED module ensures excellent skin tones and rich, accurate color rendition. Of course, the F8-200 has all the hallmarks of a traditional Fresnel light, including single shadow beam shaping with adjustable beam spread (16-70 degrees), continuous focus, and a high-quality 8” lens for a smooth light field.
The F8-200 collapses to less than 5” thick, for easy transportation and storage in one of our custom single or dual ATA-rated soft cases. It comes with a worldwide AC adapter, or you can power it in the field from a pair of standard 14.4V camera batteries, for complete portability. Its a water-resistant IP54 rating ensures the F8-200 will keep shining in rain, snow, or dust.
Don’t try that with your traditional Fresnel. In the studio, all the functionality of the Zylight F8-100 can be controlled via DMX or remotely via the built-in ZyLink ™ wireless system. There is also a studio yoke option for permanent installation, and at 15” x 12” x 4” it will take up considerably less space in your grid. Its ultra-quiet fan operation means it can run in a studio setting without disrupting audio recording.
The Zylight F8-200, in its daylight edition, gives you the same punch and light quality of a 400W HMI while consuming half the power, and in a package as small as some 400W HMI's ballasts. No more worrying about hot lights, expensive bulb burnouts, flicker, voltages, bulky DC converters, hot restrikes, rain, or snow. And the F8-200 costs half as much as many HMI packages.

HMI Output. Zylight Quality.
  • Thin & Lightweight Design
  • High CRI/TLCI Up to 97 CRI
  • Water Resistant IP54 Rating
  • Variable Spot-Flood
  • Ultra Silent Fan Cooling
  • Single Shadow Beam Shaping
  • Fully Dimmable 100 – 0%
  • 3200K, 5600K & Blacklight Versions
  • DMX or Wireless Operation
  • 14.4v Battery or Worldwide AC Power
  • Yoke Mount for Pan & Tilt
  • Sturdy, Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Made Production Tough in the USA
  • Optical Dimension:         8” Round traditional Schott glass Fresnel lens [203mm]
  • Size:                                 15” x 12.6” x 4.6” [382mm x 319mm x 97mm]
  • Weight:                            10.25 lbs [4.7Kg] w/ Yoke
  • Power Requirement:       24-32 VDC
  • Energy Consumption:    200W max. [10.0A @ 24VDC]
  • Power Input Plug:           XLR 4-Pin
  • AC Power Supply:          120 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Color Temperature:        Fixed. F8-T (3200K) #26-01019, F8-D (5600K) #26-01025
  • CRI Index:                       F8-T (3200K) up to 97 CRI, F8-D (5600K) up to 95 CRI
  • Beam Angle:                   16°- 70°, Variable Spot-Flood
  • Method of Focus:           Rear knob. Continuously variable. No modifying lenses needed
  • Intensity:                         See photometric chart below
  • Dimming:                         0-100%
  • Cooling:                           Active/Ultra Silent Fan
  • Operating Range:           -20 – +40 C
  • Electrical Option:           Worldwide AC power supply, 14.4VDC (8 AMP) dual camera battery (V-Mount, Gold-Mount)
  • Mounting:                       Standard yoke, Pole yoke (Optional), Handle Kit (Optional)
  • Wireless Frequency:      2.45 GHz
  • Wireless Channels:        10, User Selectable
  • Assembly Materials:      Machined aluminum and high impact plastic
  • Calibration:                     Factory
  • IP Rating:                        54
  • Variable Refresh Rate:  11.8 KHz
  • LED Life:                         50,000 hrs. min.
  • Flicker Free:                   Up to 5,600 fps tested (Full brightness)
  • DMX Channels:              CH1- On/Off, CH2- Brightness (0-100%)
F8 LED Fresnel DMX Assignments
OFF=0-49%; ON=50 – 100%
0 – 100%