F8 Fresnel

Revolutionary LED focusable fresnel light

F8 LED Fresnel

The Fresnel Light. Reimagined.

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Zylight Quantum Tuned LogoThe multiple award-winning F8 LED Fresnel from Zylight is the next generation of Fresnel lights. By incorporating a special blend of Quantum nanoparticles with traditional phosphor the F8 boasts a CRI of 97+ and a quality of light matched only by traditional sunlight and incandescent bulbs, while using a fraction of the energy. All of the hallmarks of a traditional Fresnel light are present; Single shadow beam shaping through barn doors, continuous focusing and a smooth light field. The Zylight F8  adds wireless and DMX control, water-resistant IP54 rating,and very rugged construction for field reliability. Available in both 3200K or 5600K color temperature versions, the Zylight F8 is extremely compact, durable and the most versatile Fresnel light ever built.

Field or Studio Friendly

PrintThe Zylight F8 can be powered by both a worldwide AC power adapter or a standard 14.4V camera battery for complete portability. Its thin design and shape allow it to pack into small cases and be taken anywhere. The water-resistant IP54 rating ensures the F8 will be comfortable in falling rain or snow, and blowing dirt and dust. Whether shooting a stand-up in a hurricane or snow storm, the F8 will deliver bright light with ease. Try that with your traditional LED Fresnel. In the studio, all functionality of the Zylight F8 can be controlled via DMX or remotely via the built-in ZyLink ™ wireless link. Local control such as dimming, focus and wireless operation are provided on the rear of the F8. At 15” x 12” x 4” it will take up considerable less space in your grid than its traditional counterpart. The yoke mount allows for easy panning and tilting for quick focusing. The F8′s silent operation means it can run in a studio setting without disruption of audio recording or talent distraction.

Ultra Bright Output

The F8′s advanced ultra bright LED module ensures excellent skin tones and rich, accurate color rendition. Continual focusing and an adjustable beam spread between 16-70 degrees allows for even coverage when shooting with wide-angle lenses or HD 16×9 format. Beam specifications are available for download on our support page. The F8 uses a high quality glass 8″ Fresnel lens and has an equivalent output of a traditional 650 watt instrument. Barn Doors, soft box and other accessories will be available soon.


  • Thin & Lightweight Design
  • High 97+ CRI
  • Water Resistant IP54 Rating
  • Continual Focus- Variable Spot-Flood
  • Completely Silent Operation
  • Single Shadow Beam Shaping
  • Fully Dimmable 100 – 0%
  • 3200K or 5600K Versions
  • DMX or Wireless Operation
  • Battery or Worldwide AC Power
  • Yoke Mount for Pan & Tilt
  • Sturdy, Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Made Production Tough in the USA


  • Packs Small and Light
  • No Heat. No Noise.
  • Low Power Draw
  • No Spare Bulbs to Buy or Carry
  • Low Maintenance Cost & Downtime
  • Very Portable. Use it Anywhere!
  • Water Resistant
  • Extremely Versatile Light

F8 LED Fresnel vs. the Competition:

FeatureF8 LED FresnelArri L7-C FresnelDesisti 90 wattDesisti 120 wattLitepanels Sola 6
Focus Range16 – 70°15 – 50°6 – 60°6 – 60° 15 – 67°
IP RatedYes. IP54Yes. IP20NoNoNo
Battery OptionYesNoNoNoNo
Silent OperationYesNoNoNoNo
Power Draw100w90w90w120w104w
Glass LensYes. 8″No. 7″Yes. 5.9″Yes. 9.8″No. 6″
Pole Yoke OptionYesYesYesYes Yes
ControlWireless, DMX, LocalDMX, LocalDMX, LocalDMX, LocalDMX, Local
Weight9 lbs.24 lbs.20 lbs.32.5 lbs.9.1 lbs.
Packed Volume593 in3 9718 cm32641 in3 43278 cm31573 in3 25777 cm33727 in3 61075 cm31650 in3 27039 cm3

*Based upon manufacturers available website data for daylight balanced Fresnel’s.

**Prices listed for North America and may vary by international region.

F8 Specifications

Optical Dimension8″ Round traditional Schott glass Fresnel lens [203mm]
Size15″ x 12.6″ x 4.6″ [382mm x 319mm x 97mm]
Weight9 lbs [4.3Kg] w/ Yoke
Power Requirement10-20 VDC
Energy Consumption100W max. [8.0A @ 14VDC]
Power Input PlugXLR 4-Pin
AC Power Supply120 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Color TemperatureFixed. F8-T (3200K) #26-01019,  F8-D (5600K) #26-01025
CRI IndexF8-T (3200K) up to 97 CRI,   F8-D (5600K) up to 95 CRI
Beam Angle16°- 70°, Variable Spot-Flood
Method of FocusRear knob. Continuously variable. No modifying lenses needed
IntensitySee “Photometrics & DMX” tab above
Dimming0-100% (13-100% using ZyLink Remote)
Operating Range -20 – +40 C
Electrical Option Worldwide AC power supply, 14.4VDC (8 AMP) camera battery powering (V-Mount, Gold-Mount)
Manual yoke, 5/8″ Female spigot, Pole yoke (#26-02014), Handle Kit (19-02041)
Wireless Frequency2.45 GHz
Wireless Channels9, User Selectable
Assembly MaterialsMachined aluminum and high impact plastic
IP Rating54
Variable Refresh Rate (PWM)11.8 KHz
LED Life50,000 hrs. min. (quantum dot powered)
Flicker Freeup to 5,600 fps tested (Full brightness)
DMX ChannelsCH1- On/Off, CH2- Brightness (0-100%)
View:AllF8 AccessoriesF8 Kits
  • F8 LED Fresnel
    F8 LED Fresnel
  • F8 w/Handle Kit
    F8 w/Handle Kit
  • F8 w/Handle Kit
    F8 w/Handle Kit
  • F8 LED Fresnel
    F8 LED Fresnel
  • F8 LED Fresnel
    F8 LED Fresnel
  • DMX “Y” Cable
    DMX “Y” Cable
  • F8 Pole Yoke
    F8 Pole Yoke
  • F8 4-Leaf Barndoors
    F8 4-Leaf Barndoors
  • F8 Single Head Case
    F8 Single Head Case
  • F8 Worldwide AC Adpater-EU
    F8 Worldwide AC Adpater-EU
  • F8 Handle Kit
    F8 Handle Kit
  • F8 Gold Mount Battery Kit
    F8 Gold Mount Battery Kit
  • F8 V-Mount Battery Kit
    F8 V-Mount Battery Kit
  • F8 Worldwide AC Adapter
    F8 Worldwide AC Adapter
  • Worldwide AC Adapter Bag
    Worldwide AC Adapter Bag
The F8 is the thinnest Fresnel light we have ever seen. It is completely focusable between spot and flood as any other Fresnel but with a space-saving design.
The F8 is available in either Daylight (5600K) or Tungsten (3200K) versions.
The F8′s beam is adjustable from a tight 16 degree spot to a wide 70 degree flood. Simply turn the focus dial and the rear of the F8 and you can spot and flood with ease. Please click on the Photometrics tab above for the F8′s photometric data and the Downloads tab to see the F8′s beam pattern sheets.
The F8 has a light output just below that of a traditional 1000 watt Fresnel. The Daylight version is equal to a 200w HMI. Please click the Photometrics tab above for complete photometric data.
Unlike our other instruments, the F8 Fresnel can be measured with your current color temperature meter.
The F8 comes with a yoke mount and attached to any light stand with a 5/8″ pin.There is a Handle Kit (p/n 19-02041) available for hand held use.
Yes there is a DMX 512A compatible 5-pin XLR breakout connector on the rear of the light. Our DMX Interface Box (p/n 1926-02019) is available for daisy chaining instruments in a studio setting. The DMX Interface Box has true DMX 512A 5-pin XLR in/out connections.
The F8 can be run from any battery between 12-24v. Your typical 14.4v camera battery slides onto the optional rear V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate and will allow complete portability.
Zylight has many dealers worldwide. Please see our dealer page to locate one near you.
The F8 Fresnel comes with a one year warranty. Service may be obtained from your local dealer or from Zylight. Please see our support page for more information
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  • 2013
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DISTANCE:3.3 FT [1M]6.6 FT [2M]16.4 FT[5M]19.7 FT [6M]
F8-D FLOOD590 fc150 fc23 fc17 fc
F8-D SPOT2700 fc1021 fc180 fc120 fc
F8-T FLOOD250 fc86 fc15 fc11 fc
F8-T SPOT2350 fc920 fc150 fc98 fc


DISTANCE:3.3 FT [1M]6.6 FT [2M]16.4 FT [5M]19.7 FT [6M]
F8-D FLOOD6300 lux1600 lux240 lux180 lux
F8-D SPOT29000 lux11000 lux1900 lux1300 lux
F8-T FLOOD3440 lux926 lux161 lux118 lux
F8-T SPOT25900 lux9200 lux1780 lux1110 lux

F8 LED Fresnel DMX Assignments

1PowerOFF= 0 – 49%;ON = 50 – 100%
2Brightness0 – 100%

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