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FX Lion has been a premiere manufacturer since 1997. Being one of the first to manufacture Lithium Ion battery technology for the broadcast industry, FX Lion has research and development teams, as well as manufacturing processes, dedicated to delivering robust, rugged, high quality portable power. Known for years throughout Asia and Europe for producing a wide variety of quality power related products, now FXLion is committed to delivering for the demanding needs of mobile production throughout the Americas. FXLion lithium ion batteries chargers, high power lithium packs, and customized products for video equipment are designed with advanced circuitry to safeguard against failures, manufactured with the highest quality sourced power cells, and are ISO:2008 and CE certified. To learn more about FXLIONs wide assortment of products, click the link below or download the spec sheet.

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  • Output:
  • Color Tempature:
  • CRI:
  • Dimming:
  • Control:
  • Power:
  • Operating Voltage:
  • Current (AC):
  • Power Factor:
  • Frequency:
  • Operating Range:
  • Exterior Surface Temp:
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Accessories: