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Newz Has Versatility On & Off Camera

As a media production specialist for Dialog Semiconductor, Barry Bishop is always on the go producing event coverage, customer testimonials, proof of concept, and other in-house video projects. During a recent promo shoot, he needed a quick fix to improve the look on an interview shot. Short on lights, he propped his new Zylight Newz on-camera LED light on an equipment case and got the look he wanted.

“I needed to add an extra pop to an otherwise dull background,” Bishop recalled. “I took off my Zylight and plugged it into a spare battery and accented the back wall.”

Bishop purchased the Newz in September as an on-camera light for his Sony PMW-F5, and the light quickly earned a permanent home in his equipment bag. A big selling point was its variable color temperature from tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K). “My work puts me in a lot of different places,” he explained. “I wanted a light that would have a small footprint and that I could take with me.”

The Newz was designed as an on-camera light, but Bishop said it is versatile enough to be used with stands as a small three-point lighting kit for interviews. “It’s just been amazing, really fun to work with,” he added. “It’s the Swiss Army knife of camera lights.”

With its proprietary LED matrix, the Newz produces a soft yet punchy white light with true color reproduction. It is fully dimmable, features an integrated strobe function for DSLR applications, and is water resistant (IP54 rating) for reliable operation in challenging weather. Its integrated one-touch quick release mount makes setup and breakdown more efficient, and its custom barn doors and unique articulated arm allow shooters to easily adjust the height and angle of the light. The Newz is also equipped with ZyLink™, Zylight’s wireless technology, so it can be linked to multiple Zylights for simultaneous remote control.