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We understand the importance of minimizing downtime in your daily operations and we are available for assistance by telephone or email. FAQ and support documents are available on our product pages.

Dealer Repairs

In some instances, our dealers have qualified technicians that can perform repairs on our instruments locally. Please consult your dealer to see if this option is available.

Factory Repairs

Factory repair service is always available for instruments either in or out of warranty. See our detailed repair policy here for types of service and costs. Zylight uses an RMA number system to simplify tracking inquiries and service requests.

Please use the form below to submit a question, problem, or RMA service request to Zylight. After your form is submitted, you will receive an RMA number to use for your return and all correspondence.

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Be assured Zylight will not sell or share your information with anyone. Please register your product below.

Registration has its benefits!

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Create a record in case your product is lost or stolen

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You’ll be notified of the latest firmware and software updates and improvements to get the most out of your Zylight product.