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Setla Films

Setla Films Setla Films on Location A trained paramedic, Thaddeus Setla stumbled into a career in video production about 13 years ago, when he started producing short training videos with a consumer camcorder. These days, his San Francisco-based company, Setla Film...

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The F8 LED Fresnel Travels to Panama

When the multi-billion dollar expansion of the Panama Canal is complete in 2015, larger ships will be able to go through the waterway and potentially bypass Seattle and other West Coast ports. As part of a larger story about the expansion’s potential local economic...

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Mount Washington

Mount Washington Extreme Mount Washington Weather Can’t Stop Zylight LED Lighting There are field tests and then there are field tests. In December 2012, Boston-based DP Tom Guillemette traveled with a team of meteorologists to the top of New Hampshire’s Mount...

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D-PRO Video Uses F8-100 LED Fresnel for Jet-Paced Shoot Shawn Dennison, president of D-PRO Video, a full-service video production company in San Diego, is a former ENG videographer, so he’s used to run-and-gun shooting. It was a skill set that served him well during a...

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‘Gear Dictionary’ Web Series Uses F8 LED Fresnels For Zeke Kamm, a week does not go by without a call from someone in the industry looking for production equipment advice. A self-described “gear head” filmmaker with more than 20 years in the industry, he decided to...

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