ZyLink Bridge

Wireless Control. Made Smarter.


ZyLink iPhone AppThe ZyLink Bridge takes wireless lighting control to the next level. The ZyLink Bridge is
a lightweight, wireless fob that allows the ZyLink AppZyLink Bridge for iOS devices to communicate with the integrated ZyLink wireless control found in most Zylight fixtures. Forget routers or complicated network configurations. Just turn on the lights, select one of the 10 ZyLink wireless channels, and take control with the ZyLink App.

With its intuitive layout, the ZyLink App on your iPhone or iPad allows precise lighting adjustments for multiple Zylight fixtures. The app makes it easy to access brightness and white light temperature controls, plus color and saturation adjustments for the IS3, IS3c, Z90, and other models equipped with Color Mode.

No more climbing ladders, swapping gels, and hoping you’ve got the right look. With the Zylink Bridge, your DP or lighting designer can sit in front of a reference monitor and use their iPhone to adjust individual fixtures or groups of lights. The app also includes four popular effects – cross-fade, strobe, police, and flame – that can be adjusted to match the needs of a particular scene, as well as presets to save commonly used lighting designs.

link-badge-appstoreDownload the ZyLink App in the iTunes Store


  • Wireless Operation of all Zylight Features
  • Rechargeable Long-Life Battery
  • USB Charging
  • Simple Operation
  • Long Operating Range


  • No climbing ladders
  • Freedom to adjust in front of a monitor
  • No DMX cables to run
  • Save time adjusting lights
  • Wireless Control in your Pocket!


Size 2.2″ x 1.7″ x 0.6″ [57mm x 44mm x 15mm]
Weight 0.7 oz [20g]
Battery Life 14 hrs. with full charge
Battery Charging via Micro USB connector: 70 mins. for 80% charge, 3 hrs. full charge
Operating Range Up to 65′ [20 meters]
Operating Temp -20 – +40 C
Wireless Frequency 2.45 GHz
Wireless Channels 10, Selectable via App
Material Nylon 6/6, Thermoplastic Elastomer
Control Via ZyLink iPhone App. Built-in Power Button, Charge Status Indicator

ZyLink Bridge FAQ

The ZyLink Bridge (when used in conjunction with the free ZyLink iPhone App) is used to control all of our fixtures functions from up to 60′ (20m) away. This allows our lights to be mounted in a studio or hidden on a set and controlled from a distance. This can be a real time saver over the course of a shoot day. A full function remote control for your Zylight fixtures in your pocket!

The ZyLink Bridge is a small key fob device that you can wear around your neck, clip to a key ring or the yoke of your Zylight fixture. To use, simply download the free ZyLink iPhone App, connect it to your Bridge and start controlling your fixtures! Simple, fast, convenient.

All functions such as color temperature, color output, color correction and dimming can be adjusted from the ZyLink iPhone App. Think of it as an extension of the light so anything you would do at the light head can be done from the palm of your hand. Aiming the light, however is up to you!

The ZyLink Bridge is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

The Bridge will last about 12 hrs. on a full charge. Recharging can be accomplished through a micro USB cable.

The range to control your fixtures is up to 60′ (20m)

There are 10 separate channels to choose from on the App. You may assign any number of Zylight instruments to each channel creating a very large scalable light source. For example, a dozen cyc lights could be placed on one channel while Key lights are assigned to another. Every light adjusted on the assigned channel will react to the wireless action. The cyc lights could all change color or be dimmed in unison using the ZyLink iPhone App

Zylight has many dealers worldwide. Please see our dealer page to locate one near you. The ZyLink App is a free download from the iTunes store.

The ZyLink Bridge comes with a one year warranty. Service may be obtained from your local dealer or from Zylight. Please see our support page for more information

Customer Quotes
”The Z90 LED light from Zylight has been an integral part of my lighting setup. Its size, extremely low power consumption and flexible color control have allowed me to place a Z90 in tight areas where power is sometimes not available and provide a subtle touch of color when needed.”
Jim F. Z90 LED Light
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