ZyLink Wireless Technology

Wireless Zylight Remote

You don’t need a large cumbersome light to get a big LED source. Wireless ZyLink™ technology lets you easily link together multiple Zylights to create a huge soft source of calibrated tungsten light, daylight, or any color of the rainbow.

Zylights that are linked together act in concert as if they were one unified source. Adjustments made on one light change all lights in the group. It can’t get much simpler than that! No dials to set, no cables to run, it’s wireless and automatic.


ZyLink™ also means remote contro capability since every Zylight can talk to any other Zylight from up to 60 feet away. You can set up a group of Zylights to Key a subject or wash a wall with color, then adjust their intensity from across the set while watching the monitor. No more running back and forth, no more gel fade!

The Zylight’s small size allows it to be mounted in places where other lights just can’t fit. And with ZyLink™ your hand doesn’t have to fit there either since adjustments can be made remotely with another Zylight! Scroll through colors, dim it down, “on and off” it, mix and match from one shoot to the next. The possibilities and configurations are endless.

With Zylight your lighting kit has never been more compact, yet fully capable of handling any lighting task.


Intellectual Property

The innovative Zylight wireless networking is protected by the following US and Foreign patents, with many other US and Foreign patents pending:

US8167457,US6016038, US6150774, US6211626, US6340868, US6608453, US6777891, US6788011, US6806659, EP1016062B1, DE69807092C0, HK1025416, CA2302227, AU757000B2

LED Technology Advantage


Long Life

  • 50,000+ Hours Longevity
  • 30x Longer Than Incandescent
  • 10x Longer Than Fluorescent


  • 70% Less Energy Usage
  • Directional Light Path
  • 100% of Light Usable
Chain Durability


  • No Filament or Tube to Break
  • Holds up to Jarring & Drops
  • Low Maintenance Costs
Environmental Engineer


  • Low Energy Consumption
  • No Mercury Pollutants
  • Long Life=Less Waste


The Zylight Advantage

color_wheel              Wireless


  • Low Heat LED Lighting
  • Variable Color Temperature
  • Variable Color Correction
  • Full Color Output
  • Full Wireless Operation
  • Easiest User Interface
  • Built Production Tough


  • Time- Quick Set Up
  • Money- No Extra Bulbs or Gels to Carry
  • Air Conditioning – Low Heat
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Low Energy Draw


  • No UV Emission
  • Instant On
  • Durable
  • One Light, Many Uses
  • Travel Light